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The hub world and gameplay tip of Transformers Forged to Fight

The hub world and gameplay tip of Transformers Forged to Fight

The hub world

Outside of the story mode of the game, Transformers Forged to Fight tends to take place on a hub world which is known as the base. This base is where you are going to spend your time when you are not fighting and when you want to move around the story mode. There are a number of things that you can be able to do in your base in between the different sections. The first thing that you will be doing is getting the free crystals which are usually very helpful in the game. When you come to your base, there are going to be two mechanics whereby one of them is what you are going to be making use of to get gold and free items after a few hours. The other machine is a daily machine which is going to be giving you one 3-star bot crystal every single day so it is advisable that you make use of every single day the best way you can. The base is still the same place you are going to be able to add and edit your bots to your load.

The gameplay tips

A very big thing when it comes to Transformers Forged to Fight is that the combat is really simple. However, because of this, it may be easy for you to get over confident which may lead to you been beaten easily, in that case you should try Transformers Forged To Fight Hack. There are some things that you can be able to do for you to be able to own all the fights when you are starting the game. The first thing is to make use of the stun lockability for you to be able to lock away all your early enemies. You can be bale to do this by holding down the left side of your screen whereby your character is going to block. When you do the blocking, your opponent is going to be baited into attacking making them do a heavy attack. You should let them attack and make sure that you block so that their quick attack will hit them instead.

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